Michael, it was an honor for me, as you truly are amazing to work with! I just wanted to send you over a quick and sincere email to say thank you for all that you have done. To be honest, I have never felt so appreciated and taken care of by someone in a business sense. This has been one of the greatest experiences being able to work with you on the mortgage side of things, as you have taught me so much. I definitely look forward to being able to work with you again in the future, because thanks to you, I am more prepared. In addition, your recommendation to refinance my home at a much lower rate and keeping me up to date on the market, long after we closed the initial loan, was a sure sign of your passion for your work, care for your customers, and your high level of integrity, as you kept my best interest at heart. Thank you for your hard work and all you have done in making this process the absolute best!
– Melissa M.

This letter is my personal recommendation for Michael Inkman. I have known Michael for several years. Besides being a joy to work with, Michael is a take-charge person who has been a tremendous asset to our family by assisting us during the purchase of our home and handling the refinancing of that loan on multiple occasions over the course of several years. Through Michael’s guidance, we saw a remarkable benefit in our ability to make a more fully informed financial decision regarding these areas. This was a direct result of Michael’s in-depth industry knowledge and highly personalized attention to meeting our needs. Michael tackled all duties with dedication and a smile. He has always gone above and beyond the call of duty and done whatever was needed in order to make sure that we received the very best service possible. I found him to always be pleasant, professional and a person of integrity. In closing, I am grateful for Michael’s dedication, service and contribution. He is a team player that will be a great asset to any family needing a highly personalized, caring loan professional. I highly recommend Michael – he is the BEST!
– Jim L.

In today’s market, buyers are fighting to win deals. It’s not enough to pay list price, or even over-list a price on a home. I recently was able to secure my buyers under contract on a home they really love and the other agent made a point of telling me that when he saw the lender was Michael Inkman, it helped seal the deal. Michael gets the job done, is honest, and hard working. I have worked with Michael for over 10 years and he never disappoints. When Michael works with my clients, I know they’re in great hands.
– Marcia L.

All I can say is . . . simply the best! I was first referred to Michael Inkman when relocating to Dallas from Connecticut. It turned out to be a great experience, particularly as an out-of-state transaction. I recently closed my second refinance with Michael since with a 3-week turn-around time (start to close) and closing costs 50% less than the initial quote! Highly recommended with overall top-notch service and a great guy to work with. Michael, you will always get my first call for financing and thank you once again!
– Dale M.

Our go-to man for any major financial decision, our financial planner, recommended Michael Inkman to us for home refinance. After trying to understand all the options on my own, getting in touch with Michael taught me to ask the right questions and truly understand refinancing as a financial tool. Sooo happy to recommend him to my connections. You can’t go wrong with Michael Inkman’s help. If you are looking to capture low interest rates now, or buying a home in the future, he’s the man.
– Christine V.

Michael Inkman is truly a miracle worker in my eyes! He took a unique and very stressful situation that most lenders would have walked away from and found a solution that was better than anyone would have imagined! Michael is smart, creative, personable, reliable, and most of all, he truly cares about his clients! His ability to guide and support me through this process AND get me an excellent rate was first class! I wouldn’t recommend anyone but Michael Inkman for their mortgage loan needs . . . Period! Thanks so much, Michael!
– Julie S.

It is total peace of mind once I refer my buyers to Michael Inkman for financing their loan. I know they are working with the best loan officer. I never worry that Michael will get the job done. He just does!
– Soozi F.

Michael Inkman’s understanding of how the financial markets affect mortgage rates is second to none. This knowledge allows Michael to find his clients the best rate on the most appropriate product, not just the fad of the day. Expertise, reliability, and excellent client service are the total package that Michael offers, and every one of my mortgage transactions begins with a call to Michael.
– Chase P.

Mike and his staff provided outstanding support and expertise throughout the closing process. Having closed on three previous homes with other mortgage companies, Mike provided superior service and valued counsel that helped to minimize the complications during the loan and closing process. I would highly recommend Mike and his team to anyone needing a mortgage partner.
– Mark C.

Michael Inkman defines customer service. Michael was referred to me by a friend, and I am thrilled with the results he delivered to my family. We recently went through the daunting tasks of selling a home and purchasing another, and throughout the entire purchase process, Michael demonstrated excellence in his consultation on our mortgage needs. Michael fought many battles for me during the purchase and funding of our new home, and gave me confidence that he had my family’s best interests in mind. I would definitely recommend Michael to my friends and family and anyone else for their mortgage needs.
– Tee G.